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Accurate Thinking




Episode One – Desire

What one thing would you do if you knew you could not fail?What is your life work?

Les Brown in The Power of Purpose suggests that finding your purpose can save your life? Earl Nightingale presents the importance of setting goals once you have discovered your purpose in Lead the Field. Jim Rohn explains the way to find the reasons for success in The Art of Exceptional Living.

Andrew Carnegie, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates have one thing in common that serves as a great lesson for finding purpose. Napoleon Hill shared some of Andrew Carnegie’s best secrets in Think and Grow Rich.

His best seller, The Laws of Success, first revealed 17 proven principles.

Napoleon Hill joined forces with W. Clement Stone to write more on these topics in Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude. One of the famous quotes has motivated masses, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

  1. Positive Mental Attitude
  2. Definiteness of Purpose
  3. Go the Extra Mile
  4. Accurate Thinking
  5. Self Discipline
  6. Mastermind Alliance
  7. Applied Faith
  8. Pleasing Personality
  9. Personal Initiative
  10. Enthusiasm
  11. Controlled Attention
  12. Teamwork
  13. Learning from Defeat
  14. Vision
  15. Budgeting Time and Money
  16. Health
  17. Habit, the Universal Law

Details on the course that will DARE you to achieve your desire and purpose.

Accurate Thinking

Episode Two – Accurate Thinking

The way we get news has changed and the information overload today creates a new challenge for accurate thinking.

Denis Waitley states we have to develop whole brain thinking According to Jim Rohn in The Day That Turns Your Life Around opportunity vs difficulty has always been our reality. Critics dismiss a great deal of personal development principles. Joe Vitale explains in The Missing Secret how he deals with critics and negativity. The things we think about attracts others to us according to Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich. Larry Winget teaches in Get Out of Your Own Way the way a satisfied customer thinks about you and your business will make you or break you. Attracting people to you through networking is a proven principle that Napoleon Hill presented in Think and Grow Rich as the Master Mind Alliance. Brian Tracy refers to the mastermind as your circle of influence in The New Psychology of Achievement. “You can get everything you want from helping others, if you will just help others get what they want,” is a famous quote from Zig Ziglar’s, See You at the Top. To become an accurate thinker, remember your successes. Jack Canfield calls the a Victory Log in Maximum Confidence. Larry Winget Get Out of Your Own Way gives the advice to control what you can control for accurate thinking. Positive self expectancy is accurate thinking according to Denis Waitley in The Psychology of Winning. Over time history has proven that civilizations rise and fall based on the thinking skills of their leaders. Brian Tracy in The New Psychology of Achievement explains crisis that cause rise and fall of civilization. Zig Ziglar in See You at The Top told the true story about a garbage dump that became the foundation for a mall and uses the analogy to coin the term garbage dump thinking. Denis Waitley in The Psychology of Winning, Denis Waitley describes four modes of thinking. Larry Winget Get Out of Your Own Way explains one good idea from 4000 books. Peter Thomson shares a powerful story of accurate thinking from the novel, Atlas Shrugged in his best seller, Best Kept Secrets of the World’s Great Achievers.


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Episode Three – Resources

Use Accurate Thinking to create a better life.

Human nature tugs at us to try and find our success somewhere else. Thousands of years ago the pot of gold was far away at the end of a rainbow. Today, we are mobile enough to shoot for the big time in New York or Los Angeles. However, would it not be a shame and a waste to leave only to find out that the success you dream of is right where you are. There’s a famous story about just such an event. And the telling of the story raised enough money to build Temple University. Earl Nightingale in Lead the Field shares the story. That story was a major inspiration for Denis Waitley as he tells it in The Psychology of Winning. When it comes to money as your resource, do you see light at the end of the tunnel? In Prosperity Consciousness, Fredric Lehrman says stop worrying about money. Larry Winget Introduces Earl Nightingale with the classic quote, “All the money you will ever have is currently in the hands of someone else.” Then, Earl Nightingale explains how service is a resource easy to tap. Joe Vitale in Secrets of Attracting Money says to get what you want through prosperous purchasing. MaryEllen Tribby in Channels of Profit has a new term for ‘Word of mouth advertising’ she offers advice for a more powerful use of your social media. Brian Tracy from Getting Rich in America        answers the question, “Is there anything the wealthy has in common? One worn out saying is false and it states, “It takes money to make money.” Your biggest and best resource is your ideas, your knowledge, and you willingness to do something with the information you learn. Wealthy winners are all lifetime learners. They look for a soak up information. Today the sources for information are unlimited. But, you have to do something with all that data. In the program Get Out of Your Own Way, Larry Winget, explains that far too many times self help book become shelf help dust collectors. Jim Rohn continued that lesson in The Art of Exceptional Living as he explains that better homes have better libraries.  Denis Waitley discusses what to do with one book to take off the shelf in The Psychology of Winning. When it comes to resources, you may have a bigger gold mine, or as the Acres of Diamonds story goes. That resource may be the debt you have. John Cummuta explains in Transforming Debt Into Wealth. Denis Waitley wraps up this episode on resources with a warning to avoid the greener pasture trap in The Psychology of Winning.

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Episode Four – Execute

Ready – Fire – Aim makes since only when you realize that there are three words that move you toward your future, “Do it now.”

The space race to the moon failed 17 times in the decade before we landed Corrections upon corrections had to be made. Conditions were far from perfect in the great depression, and yet some people made it. Earl Nightingale in a Classic Video explained the way to win over the excuse, “I’ll do anything.” Vic Conant in This I Believe shares a personal story about his family. Earl Nightingale continues in Lead the Field to prove the quote, “We become what we think about.” Earl discovered those six words in Think and Grow Rich. Just about the time Earl and Lloyd Conant launched Nightingale Conant, Vic Conant was around 14 and tells the story about meeting Napoleon Hill with his dad in, This I Believe. Jim Rohn in The Art of Exceptional Living spoke of the pull of the future, and the fact that all good will be attacked. Just Because negativity may come at you, Denis Waitley teaches in The Psychology of Winning the difference in ‘try’ and ‘will’. If someone says, “No,” Jim Camp has advice on how to react in The Power of No. Wayne Dyer explained in, How to Be a No Limit Person, why you are your own boss. W. Clement Stone and Napoleon Hill explain why the real winners act and execute activities far beyond the call of duty in by going the extra mile. Roger Dawson teaches how to overcome the fact that sales is getting tougher in Power Negotiating for Salespeople. Zig Ziglar dramatically uses Japan’s reconstruction as an example of goals working when you get into action in Goals. Michael Masterson says if you execute your work you can take advantage of The Seven Years to Seven Figures System. Brian Tracy continues with advice on the 80/20 or the 20/80 to do list. Wayne Dyer in How To Be a No Limit Person spoke about how important it is to act and be in the present moment. Earl Nightingale tells the story of how he made it to the big time through acting with perseverance. Zig Ziglar in Goals said the negative attitude about FEAR defeats goals and keeps people from acting in time. Jim Rohn in The Art of Exceptional Living said all we need to do to get into action on the right path is to ask, and receive. From Lead the Field Earl Nightingale explored the thoughts of great philosophers. Vic Conant in This I Believe tells how Nightingale Conant was formed in 1960 when his dad met Earl and they executed their plan. Earl Nightingale spoke of the great laws toward destiny. Denis Waitley in Seeds of Greatness taught that faith and belief empowers you to grab the brass ring. Earl Nightingale made a significant contribution to personal development in the program Lead the Field when he proves that to get what you want set a reminder to keep you vision in front of you all day every day, the first thing in the morning and the last thing every night.

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